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“Color talk” with Rose Fulbright

This week I’d like to introduce you to British artist Rose Fulbright. Founded in 2014, Rose Fulbright is a recognized brand that creates collections of high-end handcrafted products, ranging from patterned

‘Color Talk’ with Karen Haller

This week I want to introduce you to the UK’s Applied Color Psychology expert, Karen Haller. Karen Haller is the leading international authority in Applied Color Psychology – how color affects

Polychromatic hospital – healing with color

Three word to describe the spaces in most hospitals:UNIFORMITY STANDARDIZATION and MONOTONY. When taking the elevator, a patient or visitor may fall and get lost on a different floor than the

The color psychology of “Pink”

This month I shared with you on my Instagram account an apartment designed by a renowned architectural agency in Madrid, Spain. The Studio created this interior below, using 12 different shades

“Color talk” with Maria de Larrañaga

María is from Argentina. From a very young age, she was interested in clothes. “In my family, there were costume chests where I could spend hours playing and creating personas.” This

Lisbon – My favorite places

In this article I will share with you some good Design & Food spots in Lisbon, an inspiring city in which I stayed for 2 weeks. Lisbon is not only an

About my Color & Personality Analysis

As human beings, we respond positively to nature and have a deep, unconscious connection to it. Most of us intuitively know that connecting with nature soothes us, re-energizes us, reassures us,

“Color Talk” with Astrid Eckelmans

With a background as a philosopher and socio-anthropologist, and after 10 years as a human resources specialist, Astrid had the desire and ambition to help women reveal their strengths and personality

Color Psychology & Clothing

Clothes are the first way of communication with the outside world, they are the reflection of ourselves. And above all, it reveals our personality. The colors of our clothes send very

Feeling good at home

There are several inexpensive things you can do to improve the level of happiness and well-being in your home. Keep in mind that just as you can affect your environment, your

My colorful booklist

Looking for some color at the end of the winter season? Here is a selection of 11 colorful books to inspire you. The Designer’s Dictionary of Color A practical and inspiring

Bring joy to your home office

Imagine: if you had never been in an office before, what would you want it to look like? When you work from home, there is no reason not to create a

How the color of your child’s room affects mood

Color has the ability to inspire, excite, soothe, heal and even agitate. The environment we live in impacts our mood, outlook, behavior, and even our wellbeing. Lighting, color, and decoration all

Color Psychology in workspaces

Color psychology plays an important part in our daily lives, and this is especially true when it comes to office color schemes. Besides the obvious quality of life improvements, a little

Do babies recognize different colors?

Along with numbers, letters, and shapes, one of the earliest things we are taught as children are the colors of the rainbow. However, a recent study suggests that humans are actually

Unexpected ways to add color to your Home

A small splash of color in an unexpected place can have a disproportionate impact. It grabs our attention, focuses it, and creates an effect on its surroundings, making a mundane object

“Color talk” with Stéphanie Maillard

Stephanie is a Belgian painter who explores the emotions felt at different stages of a woman’s life. Her work is an expression of her emotions. Desire, passion, love, resilience, rebirth… are

Colors & Emotions

Choosing colors that suit you and your emotional well-being can positively affect how you feel and live in your home. It has been proven that colors affect the mood of a

Color Psychology for Interiors

Building on the color personality theories of Carl Jung, Angela Wright developed a unified theory of psychology and color harmony in the 1970s to explore how colors affect our feelings, thoughts,

About Color

Color is a powerful and emotional subject. Everyone has an opinion about color. In recent years we have discovered how powerful color is and how profoundly it impacts our daily lives.


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