Unexpected ways to add color to your Home

A small splash of color in an unexpected place can have a disproportionate impact. It grabs our attention, focuses it, and creates an effect on its surroundings, making a mundane object or place feel more special. And when it is hidden, it gives the impression of having a happy secret, which we can rediscover again and again.

It is an easy way to take a big risk with color, as it only requires small doses of a shade. If you are not confident in color yet or are afraid to commit to a particular shade, you don’t have to worry, because it’s pretty easy to change this little experiment if you don’t like the result.

You can also think about a colorful frame for your artwork, a bright color can create an even more magnetic impression.

You can hide a color behind doors or in drawers. This approach uses the “hide and reveals” mechanism to create a joyful surprise. This can create an explosion of joy when you open the closet and remind yourself that it is there!

Source: Dazey Den/ Anthropology/ Calling it home

Colorful tiles are also joyful elements you can bring into your home.

Another approach? Colored grout. It is not as intense as colored tile, but it creates a subtle pattern that’s a bit like millimeter paper.

Another easy way to give a room some boost is to paint the moldings.

If your woodwork doesn’t lend itself to this option, you can also try painting a windowsill or door frame, to draw attention to an often-overlooked area. This is a great way to effectively create a border where there is none, helping to define a space.

Also, consider painting your ceilings. Typically, we paint our walls and leave our ceilings in a boring white, perhaps because of the conventional wisdom that white makes ceilings look higher. But a splash of color on the ceiling draws our attention upward, changing our perspective on a room. It is an inexpensive way to draw attention to important architectural features, such as beams or moldings, or to add interest if your space doesn’t have those features.

Source: Planet Déco/ Côté Maison/ Magazine Est