Colors & Emotions

Choosing colors that suit you and your emotional well-being can positively affect how you feel and live in your home.

It has been proven that colors affect the mood of a space and that each color triggers a unique emotional response in the viewer. Color influences and interact with our emotional and spiritual well-being, heightening the senses and helping to restore the balance between body and mind. There are simple and recognized links between color and emotion: blues and greens are said to connect us to nature and are therefore calming; bright sunny yellow boosts energy levels and improves our mood.

This concept goes far beyond the basic notions of color and mood. It is all about analyzing how you want your home to feel, as each of us sees and perceives color in our own way. For some, a pure white decor will be instantly serene and relaxing; for others, the same decor may seem cold, unnatural, or unwelcoming.

Your home should be warm and inviting. We are very intuitive, and all our senses can be used when designing an interior. Think about the feel of surfaces to create a warm and comfortable living room; think about the scented candle in the bedroom and how its soft light can enhance the delicate color of the walls…

Mood and atmosphere, like color, are affected by light. Simply turning off bright ceiling lights and lighting a few candles instead can transform a space. Think about your room and the mood you want to create. Dream about how you want the room to feel when it’s finished, and write down the words that come to mind, such as calm and reflective, or happy and sociable.

Evaluate these words and moods in terms of color – what color makes you feel calm? Blue or lavender, pure white or soft pale pink? Happy colors are often bold and bright – think yellow or orange – but for some rooms, a light, cool blue can evoke the optimistic, energetic mood you need.

Bringing an emotional aspect to your color designs connects you to the world you live in. It reminds us that we are sentient beings, and we need to live, love, laugh and cry. We need spaces to sleep and be rested, spaces to socialize, spaces to think and work. Using the right colors can help us connect to the tasks we need to accomplish at home and the emotions we feel. If you design your home with your emotional needs in mind, you will instinctively bring intimacy and personality to your home.