Feeling good at home

There are several inexpensive things you can do to improve the level of happiness and well-being in your home. Keep in mind that just as you can affect your environment, your environment can affect you (health, relationships, mood…). Therefore, it is imperative to make your house feel like a home that everyone looks forward to coming to rather than away from.

Here are some tips to follow if you want to make your house a “happy” home:

Your five senses

The first thing to consider is making sure your five senses are in your home. For example, a pleasant smell in your home, such as a “homemade” meal or lavender oils, a pleasant sound level where people speak in moderate tones rather than shouting, happy and relaxing music, a water fountain, plants, fresh flowers, a clean house…

Color affects your mood

Painting a room your favorite color will fill you with joy. However, some colors can influence our feelings. So, make sure the color of your home represents the mood you want to be in. Use different shades and learn about color psychology and how color affects your well-being.

(I’ve written articles about this if you want to learn more here and here.
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Maximize natural light

A dark and dreary home will make everyone feel gloomy. Maximize the natural light coming into your home by hanging mirrors near the windows to bounce light around the room.

Scent your home with natural candles and diffusers

For many people, a happy home is a cozy home. So, follow the lead of the Danes and add some “hygge” light to your home with candles. But while the Danes generally prefer unscented candles, we cannot resist a scented candle.

Citrus scents can give your mood a quick boost. While a combination of lavender and jasmine is perfect for relaxing.

Choose natural candles, which are better for your health.

Provide plenty of storage space

It’s virtually impossible to live a happy, relaxed life if clutter is piling up in the corner of every room. By getting it all in order, you can have a serene, eye-pleasing space without having to get rid of all your prized possessions. Hidden closets, clever shelving, well-organized lofts, and well-planned kitchens allow everything to have its place and be in its place, greatly reducing your stress.

Invest in houseplants

Every home needs something growing to give it a sense of life.

And we are not talking about a dusty plant to be overlooked. Fresh flowers can be an option. You can even fake it if you don’t have a green thumb, buying fake plants or dried flowers, but something organic will always make a space feel a little more alive and, not to get too scientific, but real plants make the atmosphere feel a little purer.

Turn your bed into a haven of peace

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep. A bad night’s sleep will not only make you unhappy but also cranky. Invest in a quality mattress and bedding.

I also recommend that you make a habit of making your bed every morning. It may be a small thing, but making your bed sets the tone for starting the day. You spend about one-third of your life in your bedroom, and the way your bedroom looks affects your mood. It’s hard to feel calm, relaxed, efficient, and grounded when you’re surrounded by clutter. A well-made bed instantly makes the whole room look tidy, creating a subtle sense of tranquility and success. A tidy bed shows that you take care of yourself and your home, and that feeling of being cared for helps improve your mood and lighten your emotional load.

My tip: Keep a deep, wide storage basket next to your bed to hold small accent pillows at night. You can easily grab them and put them back on your bed in the morning.

Make room for sentimental items

You may have children who bring their drawings home from school. You have photos that remind you of happy vacations. You had a beautiful wedding that you don’t want to forget. Your baby takes a particularly good picture. You have a long-standing passion for kitsch or a collection of ceramics that you don’t want to part with. These are just the items that will add a heart to your home!

Buy once and buy well

In recent years, we have started treating furniture and home goods like fast fashion. Cushions are not disposable, nor are sofas and dining tables. So, it’s time to make better decisions about the furniture we buy and buy it with the intention of keeping it for more than a year or two.

Do the best with what you have

Accessorizing with what you have on hand is a totally underrated shopping tactic. You don’t need a huge budget to create a home that looks like you. You may just need to rearrange certain areas of your home by moving items from one room to another. Is there a group of items on your coffee table that you are a little tired of? Why not move some of them to the center of the dining table and group some candles on a tray on the coffee table instead. The same goes for cushions, swap your bed cushions with your sofa cushions, and see if you can adapt them to another room in the house. Not only will you get creative, but you won’t spend a cent doing it…

Inject your personality

By displaying items that mean something to you, you give your home a sense of authenticity. By using items that remind you of your travels or a special time in your life, you build the history of your home and surround yourself with things you love. How can you not be happier when you are surrounded by beautiful AND meaningful items!