How to set a Sparkling table

As you may have noticed, I love setting original tables. To think outside the box. Surprising my guests with original elements to joyfully accompany a good meal. It’s all about using color well, being creative, creating ambiance and most importantly, having fun!

Just because you want to do something original doesn’t mean you have to rush out and buy something new. Use what you already have in your home, both inside and out.

Just remember, “Think outside the box”.


I often “borrow” items from my apartment when entertaining to create an interesting table. Whether it’s a quirky jar, a small sculpture, or plants in a garden, we have so many things on hand that we don’t necessarily think they could be used as decoration for a pretty table.

A table setting is both a conversation piece and a statement. If your table is attractive enough, your guests will be curious about certain objects. They will want to know the origin of some of them, the origin of silverware and tableware, they will point to different pieces, which can lead to wonderful stories.

So, before setting a table, determine a practical layout. This starts with the design of the centerpiece, then the different pieces of flatware. Once all these elements are placed, you can arrange the cutlery, glasses, plates and then the napkins outside the fork.
Then you can place the candlesticks or candle holders around the table, individually or in small groups. There are no strict rules for centerpieces, but remember that this is the element that will give cohesion to your decoration.

So it doesn’t have to match perfectly…. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! Different colored candles, porcelain or earthenware with various and mismatched patterns or an unusual object will catch the eye and add curiosity. You can turn beautiful, colorful fabrics into tablecloths or opt for burlap or even a flat weave rug. Mix high and low vases, quirky pottery and tapered candles with votives. Imperfection can be perfect.

I’m also always looking to incorporate something old into something new and add beautiful plants or flowers. And while flowers are important, I find that candlelight is even more important. Everyone looks beautiful in the light of a candle. I also often opt for height to bring a theatrical touch, which also creates a certain intimacy to a larger table.

An eclectic table setting can add ambiance to an event by giving a singular character to the evening. Unexpected items make guests feel that the event has been well thought out, organized, designed and ultimately that they are the guests of honor on a special night.

I hope these tips will inspire you for your next dinners!
Don’t hesitate to let me know by email or social media 🙂