Faq – EN



I realize various projects for individuals and professionals.
I am called upon to design and enhance spaces and products through color psychology.  

I also offer custom-made paintings and regularly organize workshops around color for small groups.

My turnaround time varies depending on the client’s needs. It can start with an hour-long consultation to several weeks for a more ambitious project. I create a custom quote for each client that is flexible – the client can, of course, add other options throughout the project, if he wishes.

I am located in Brussels, Belgium. If my proposal is adapted to your needs, your location is secondary. If you are located abroad and my work methodology suits you, I would be happy to discuss your decorating needs in order to determine the necessary logistics of where you live. I also offer e-Decoration services that can meet your needs.

You can contact me and book a free 30-minute discovery session.
I will be happy to answer your questions and briefly explain the design process.

We can then arrange a date and time to meet at your home or establishment for the initial consultation. If you have gathered inspiration and ideas about your style and preferences, please feel free to share them with me and discuss them with your spouse or other decision makers.
It is also essential to determine the budget you wish to spend on your project as well as its desired time frame.

Absolutely! I will be happy to recommend competent service providers that can be a perfect match for your project.

Absolutely! I’m always interested in meeting new talents, especially when they are introduced to me by my clients.

Each project being unique, I need a little time to understand and analyze your vision of the project and to evaluate the scope of work needed to accomplish it.

After this small analysis, I will provide you with a detailed estimate.
To do this, I evaluate approximately the total number of hours needed for your project.        

That way, you know right away how much my fees will be.
Any excess over the initial estimate is charged at my standard hourly rate. While these fees are estimated in advance, staying within the scope of the project generally does not result in an additional fee. You will be informed throughout the process of the hours spent on your project.

Some services are charged at a fixed price.

I do not have a “fixed style”. 

My style is nourished by the tastes, preferences, orientations and dreams of my clients, the architecture and volume of the property, and the planned budget.

All of this will determine the style with which I will realize your project. 

My job is to use mainly the applications of color psychology to identify and highlight the personality of my clients in an original and very personal way in each space.

For the moment, there are unfortunately no vacancies, but the recruitment of an intern will certainly be considered from March 2022.

If you have a CV corresponding to my field of expertise, please send it to: [email protected]